If you have ever been to Atlanta, Georgia you know the city is unlike any other in the United States. What most people do not know is that Atlanta is surrounded by many small suburbs which are equally full of life and excitement. So maybe this weekend instead of going out in Atlanta, think about going to bars in Marietta.


1. More local establishments- Unlike the very big city of Atlanta, Marietta is a smaller suburb with more local establishments. If you want the real feel of the affluent south, you need to go to Marietta for the authentic Georgia experience.

2. Marietta has natural beauty. There are many bars situated along the scenic water sources and parks. If you enjoy dinner and a view, you need to go to one of these spots in Marietta.

3. Marietta keeps the history alive. Unlike Atlanta and other suburbs, Marietta keeps the history of the south alive with civil war museums, reenactments and well preserved historical monuments. If you are interested in history, you should head to a theme bar in Marietta for a drink and an education.

4. There are tons of art galleries. Make your night out one you will never forget. Before you go to the bar, check out one of the many galleries situated in downtown, Marietta. In fact, the city square is full of arts exhibits, bars, places to go and things to see.

5. More locals- Marietta is the third largest county in the state. It has an abundance of people, mainly locals. If you are traveling or from Marietta and want to meet some interesting locals, stay away from Atlanta. Instead, head to the suburb of Marietta for some great conversation with local Georgians.

6. Avoid the rush- The highway from Georgia to the Northern suburbs is always almost packed with cars. Getting to and from the north and south can be extremely difficult and takes a lot of time.