If you need extra space in your kitchen, but you don’t have the space to put in a full renovation or an island, you may want to consider adding a breakfast bar. Breakfast bars offer extra counter space without taking up excessive additional space that you don’t have to spare.

Different Styles

What you intend to use your breakfast bar for causes the height to differ drastically. If you intend to have people sit at it for informal meals, you have to choose between stools and chairs and base your height accordingly. If more space for meal prep is your goal, you’ll have a different height than if you were to be using seating.What Makes Great sports bars in atlanta


Adding a breakfast bar may be as easy as building out a section of wall or adding to an existing countertop, or it may be as complicated as opening up a wall between your kitchen and living space to open up your home and give it a more spacious feel. It’s important to figure out what style of breakfast bar addition is best for both your home and your needs. You may want to discuss your options with your designer or contractor to make sure you’re making optimal use of your space and your budget.


Once you’ve settled on the location and style of your breakfast bar, you need to determine if you want any extra amenities added to it. Common additions are shallow storage beneath the bar and electrical access, but you are really only limited by your available space and budget. Consider how you’ll be using your bar heavily when you are picking your amenities and how you’ll implement them — after all, people sitting at a shallow bar don’t want to hit their knees on cabinet doors.


When you are designing your breakfast bar, it is important to remember that you want it to flow seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen. Feel free to use similar coloring and trim if it is separated from your main kitchen, but use identical coloring if it is attached to your existing cabinetry. To maintain unity with your kitchen, consider using an identical or complementary countertop for your bar. Depending on your desired function, your new bar may undergo a lot of heavy use, so be sure to use a durable and stain-resistant material like granite or quartz to top your counters. If you are considering upgrading the rest of your counters soon, go ahead and have your breakfast bar fabricated in the new material. Always be certain to have a professional countertop installation team do the installation work for any countertop addition or renovation you undergo; they will be able to offer you truly quality work that they can usually guarantee for many years to come, keeping you from having to worry about your breakfast bar’s counter for a long, long time.