Watching a match at home is surely amazing. You can shout, and yell at the top of your voice and cheer without being shushed. It won’t be embarrassing if you eat your chips crunching it loudly or if your dip your chicken in soda. But going out with your pals to watch a game of American football or tennis or basketball is a lot more fun that you can imagine. Atlanta isn’t that great in sports but it does have a few teams such as the Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Hawks and Atlanta Silverbacks. It is amazing to watch your team play with your mates, some beer, your favorite fan t-shirt and a few whistles.

A lot of sports bar have sprung lately in Atlanta providing the best sporting environment in the capital city. Here are top sports to watch at Atlanta’s Sports Bars Baseball Baseball is unarguably America’s favorite pastime. From Atlanta, it is the Atlanta Braves that participates in Major League Baseball as a member of the National League East division. Atlanta Braves is one of the most successful baseball teams in Major League Baseball history. American Football Since Atlanta Falcons is a major team in American Football, you are sure to pick a bunch of your friends to cheer and enjoy this team play.