For long Marietta, Georgia has been known globally for its museums. Currently, the face of Marietta, Georgia is changing. It is now known to be a foodie haven with many bars and restaurants. As we all opt to go to bars to have fun choosing the best bar for you is a good idea. Here are some of the tips you need to know for you to choose the right and best bars for you in Marietta GA. 

1. Choose a bar that has something to do. Many bars only offers drinks but offers nothing fun for their customers. You should opt for a bar that has got karaoke, pool tables, arcade games, beer pong, bull riding and other appealing activities.

2. Pick a bar that has got a lot of places within it. These are large bars that support many activities. In such bars, you will be able to enjoy more and more since once a certain activity is boring you can switch to another and see what is going on there with ease.

3. Pick a bar that has got many women. This seems awkward to many but you need to opt for the bar with a lot of women as it gives you a golden chance to meet one among the many women to spend time wish. Spending your time with her will be an added source of fun to you.

4. Choose a bar with somewhere to go outside. These geographical features in the bars will make you enjoy more in summer seasons where you may want to hang outside whenever the weather is nice.

5. Choose a bar with dance floor and good music. Great bars have got great music and a place to dance. The dancing floor should be able to host all the people who want to dance but also not too big.

6. Choose a bar that offers all legal drinks. You may find yourself in a bar where you can not get your favorite drink for no reason. You should opt for a bar where all you want will be available.

7. Security is also a basic factor to be considered when doing your selection. Despite the fact that Marietta GA is a secure city, you need to go beyond and look for a bar with enough bouncers such that whenever an alarming security issue arises it can be dealt with as fast as possible.

Bradley’s Bar & Grill
4961 Lower Roswell Road
Marietta, GA 30068
(770) 321-0108