The sports bar, loud top of the floor music, giant television screens with classic soccer or rugby matches, big snooker table, pole dancing, sumptuous food and a chilled beer. The ambience is so much tempting for not just the party freaks but even for the geeks, to not miss out on the weekend at least. With the heavy metal music or romantic numbers just turn you on, relieving you of all the stress you had in the week.

The atmosphere is electrifying inside, with all party freaks at one place just makes it such a happening place, bustling with crazy people. You can choose your group or romance with your lady, it’s your choice. If you like to play table games like poker, snooker, or beer pong, you have come to the perfect place. With the dim sparkling light, drinks and dance all around just will make you feel like you want to stay here forever.

Some of the foodies can enjoy delicious food from chef’s special to the day special or a festival specific cuisine, with mouth-watering sausages. We serve the most exotic food varieties and for you to enjoy the food delicacies with a glass of the finest wine will be a heavenly experience.

To make it sound even better, we provide offers on drinks like happy hours where you get a beer as complimentary when you buy one. And we have group discounts for those who want to hang out with a large group of friends. The Couple passes, to encourage ladies and couples we provide free vodka shots for ladies. So to spice your night with music and drinks, just come to the place and put rest of the world behind.

We organise theme parties like a Halloween or a pirates theme- party, we also organise private parties for bachelorette and college hangouts. With the best DJ and in-house music collection, we mix it up well to suit your taste of music. You can always contact us in advance to reserve your place for snooker or other games so that we keep all the arrangements for you in place.

The vibe of the place is so lively that the night breaks into the early morning hours in the music sync lighting and the drinks which you cannot resist. We also have arrangements for dropping you back to your home safely, avoiding any troubles on your way back from one of the most memorable night- parties of all time.