The bar industry is defined by creativity. Bartenders and cocktail connoisseurs must be
well versed with diverse mixed drink and cocktail recipes. They must have the
ability to invent special drinks or cocktails that are unique and appeal to the
tastes of their clients. What are some of the most popular drinks specials
ordered at bars? At the heart of bar-tending is classic drinks like the Martini
which were and are still drinks specials that resonate well with most people.
In this article, we narrow our focus to 3 drinks specials as shown below.

1. Margarita

It is a cocktail that is branded as the monarch of tequila cocktail. This drink which
traces its origin in Mexico is made of three ingredients: 2 oz tequila, 1 oz
lime juice and 1 oz orange liqueur. It is garnished with sugar or salt the rim
of the glass. It can either be served without ice or shaken with ice.

2. Martini

This alcoholic beverage is considered an all-time favorite drink for many people. It ought to
be a must have in bars’ list of special drinks. It’s a
cocktail brand that rekindles the image of James Bond with his continuous
assertion of having his Martini “shaken not stirred” in most of his films. The
tasty and quality nature of a Martini is defined by the quality of its two
ingredients. Bars and cocktail specialists have to invest in superior gin and
vermouth to appease their Martini fans. Garnishing with olive or lemon twist
gives Martini a spicy taste. A Martini is mostly shaken with ice as opposed to

3. The Manhattan

It is one of the cocktails that has been in existence for long and very easy to make. It is made using three ingredients- 2 oz of whiskey, 1 oz sweet vermouth and bitters. 1/2 oz of dry and 1/2 oz of sweet
vermouth can be used as an alternative to sweet vermouth. Cherry is used for
garnishing. It is a versatile drink as it blends well with various foods.

In conclusion,the special drinks described here not only form the foundation of the bar
industry but also give people a chance to enjoy their cocktails of preference.

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