Refreshment is the best thing you can take when in a bar. Refreshment includes the following alcoholic and non –alcoholic beverages, cold and hot refreshments are offered in a bar. Being in a bar which offer the great services do often get a lot of customers visiting compared to the one with poor services offered. Other services you can get will having your refreshment includes great barbecue you can eat, car maintenance and children playing ground

Services offered to customers.

Waiters and bartenders are in a bar should provide a great service in a bar. Customer services including how they interact with customers and handling difficult situation is something which is seen in a bar. Employees in a bar should always maintain good relationship with customers and low temperant when angered

Bar employees are entertainers, and sales representatives and hosts in a bar. Being face of the business, behavior do sets the tone for your customers. Here a few things they should do while serving customers

· If the customers do require immediate services and the employees are busy, the customer should be informed to avoid annoyance.

· Customers whom are regular visitors their names are well known by the waiters and bartenders, and their usual orders, and preferably place of sitting

· customer needs and specification is an important aspect that the employees should know before going to ask the customers.

· Smiling, jovialness and being happy are the aspect that employees should have inside a bar.

In a bar when there is conflict or complaints employees in the bar should be in a position to solve the issue once and for all. Conflict resolution and personal boundaries are necessary skills for a good customer services. The skills that they should know include the following;

· in case of conflict inside the bar the employees should also have that capability of solving the issue with calmness.

· Listen actively about the customer complaints and not multitasking while solving the issue.

· He or she should be sympathetic in nature when hearing about the situation

· Make a sound judgement when they have finally heard what the complaint is all about

· They should paraphrase what they heard as a complaint to make the customer understand you get what the complaint is all about.

There is worst moments when in a bar this include customer being too much drunk the only option is to stop drinking and home is final option that the customer is made to. Intake and behavior of the customer should be monitored throughout his or her drinking process, employees do have every right to deny their customer more drinks. Such word like I’m sorry, another beer please are words that should be used. Respect inside the bar is something to behold inside the bar and eye contact maintained. Finally, incase customer becomes rude and want to fight a police intervention or a security guard should be involved. All these qualities is being offered by the employees in a bar in Atlanta making it great place for drinking.