Atlanta Karaoke Bars

Atlanta Karaoke Bars

Bradley’s karaoke bar provides customers with an opportunity to enjoy unlimited live entertainment with friends, family or when out solo. A few exciting karaoke tunes combined with a few beverages are enough to make your weekend fantastic. There are a dozen bands (performing in different languages) visiting the karaoke bar, which means you can never listen to one song twice. Weekends are usually packed with plenty of karaoke performances and that’s a perfect opportunity for couples to enjoy their night out.


Full Bar Menu with Unlimited Karaoke

Atlanta Karaoke Bars offer plenty of entertainment services that will give you a bang for your buck. Our services feature a complete bar menu with all sorts of drinks including beer, wine and cocktails. We also offer great food servings that can go perfectly with your evening. From barbecue ribs to fried chicken all through to Asian-style delicacies, there are plenty of foods to sample from our menu. That’s simply enough to make you enjoy every moment.


Why Choose Bradley’s Karaoke Bar?

Going out for a karaoke night solo or with friends requires you to spend a significant portion of your hard-earned money. That means the experience you’re going to get must be worth it. Our bar simply provide all the services that will make up a great karaoke night out experience.


Some of the things that make Bradley’s Karaoke Bar the best in Atlanta:

-Plenty of beverages

-Spacious lounge with comfortable seating

-Intriguing food menu featuring local and international cuisines

-Are conveniently located within Atlanta GA