As the national center for arts, Atlanta is home to the best places that offer amazing and unique drink specials that will turn your evenings and nights into a once in a lifetime fairy tale adventure. Most people in Atlanta go for the unique and daring drink specials which are often affordable and taste great.

As you move downtown in the city, you will encounter amazing drink specials like the Bottomless Mimosas, Bloody Marys and the Peach Bellinis. These awesome cocktails will get up stirred up and leave you awe at the beautiful colors that accompany the cocktails.

Weekdays in Atlanta will always welcome everyone with the select shots, cheap Tecates and nice cold beers. The Wines are a common drink special that come in all their flavors, types and awesome brand names.

We cannot forget the house Margaritas and Skinny Margaritas that keep you in a relax mood and is great for all those ladies trying to watch their waistlines. A lot of bars go for the Mystery beer and Draft beer drink specials which make game time weekends a worthwhile period.

Speaking of weekends, the Eduardo Guzman’s weekly Rotating punches are the best drink specials when it comes to great awesome punches. Whiskey cocktails also do bring a unique touch to drink specials in Atlanta. Although reserved for the night life, these cocktails are great early morning drink specials.

There is nothing that compares to the popular tiki drink called Mai Tai. This drink special is a great cocktail that has kept people at the edge of their seats with its amazing and colorful ingredients. The Mia Tai drink special brings a sweet and unique feeling to the well-known Rum.

If you are in Atlanta and are looking for that powerful punch that will kick start your night, then look no further. The Vieux Carre is an awesome Cognac and Rye Whiskey Cocktail that will pack that punch that will keep your night going till the sun comes up.