You are done with work and all the other stress that comes with the day and you would like to relax and have some good time. Where is the next place that comes to mind? A bar, right? Yeah. It’s a really cool place where you can have different kind of drinks, hangout with friends, gist with a lot of good people around you and even meet new people. It helps relieve all that stress you have gone through during the day. With the abundance of drinks specials available at a bar, it is guaranteed you would feel relaxed by the time you would be leaving the bar.

A bar is basically a counter across where drinks and refreshments are served. The refreshments served at a bar are usually light. It is not usually the typical kind of food you eat at home that is usually served at a bar. Some of the kind of refreshments that can be served at the bar are Hot wings,Peel-n-eat shrimps, Popcorn with Sesame-Glazed Pistachios, Spinach and Artichoke Dip, Mozzarella Sticks, Deviled Eggs, Devils on Horseback, Sliders, Jalapeno poppers, Nachos, Potato Skins, Pigs in a blanket, Fried Pickles

Normally when we hear the word “bar” what comes to our mind is Drinks. So let us talk about the drinks the food is just a side attraction. There are thousands of drinks special you can get at the bar, its nameless. Especially if you have a bartender who just has an undying passion for serving drinks and mixing you awesome drinks in ways you cannot explain. This article is going to mention a few of this drinks(Obviously, we cannot mention them all). Apart from the ones that would be mentioned here, there are still a whole lot more besides it so you have to be flexible when visiting a bar

First let us start with a list of beers you will possibly find at a bar.


Instead of trying to mention the numerous names of beers we have, We would just give you a list of the types of beer available. You can choose one type and then order from it. Every type has different brands associated with it. So here is the list of types of beer that can be available at a bar:Ale, Bouza, Boza, Bozo, Cask ale, Cauim, Chhaang, Chicha, Fruit and vegetable beer, Gotlandsdricka, Gruit, Herb and spiced beer, Kellerbier, Kvass, Lager, Oshikundu, Pulque, Purl, Sahti, Smoked beer, Strong ale, Sour ale, Sulima, Wheat beer, Zwickelbier

There are other drinks apart from beer also available at the bar.Here is a list of some popular drinks at a bar. We have the highballs, lowballs, cocktails, martinis, hot chocolate, Sour drinks, Tropical drinks, Stick drinks and so on.


Gin highballs like Gin Buck, Gin Fizz, Gin Rickey, Salty Dog, Tom Collins etc.Rum Highballs:Anejo Highball, Dark & Stormy – ginger beer, Rum & Coke, Cuba LibreTequila Highballs:Horny Bull, Juan Collins, Paloma, Tequila Sunrise.Vodka Highballs:Bloody Mary, Horny Bull ,Juan Collins, PalomaMelon Ball, Moscow Mule, Sea Breeze, Vodka Collins, Vodka Red Bull, Vodka Tonic.Whiskey Highballs: Bourbon & water, Lynchburg, Scotch and soa, Seven and seven, Presbyterian, Jameson & ginger, Scotch & soda, Jack & cokeOther Highballs: Black & Tan, Camapari and soda, Sloe Screw, Smith& Kearns, Scarlet O’Hara, Long island iced tea.


· Brandy lowballs lie Dirty mother (aka separator), dirty white mother, stinger, French connection

· Gin Lowballs: Negroni, New orleans, Orange blossoms No.2

· Rum Lowballs like the Surfer on Acid.

· Tequila Lowballs: like Brave Bull, Chimayo, El Diablo

· Vodka Lowballs: Black Russian, Colorado Bulldog, Godmother, Pearl Harbor, Roasted Toasted Almond, White Russian

· Whiskey Lowballs:Aggravation, Godfather, Nutty Irishman, Rusty Nail, Sazerac, Scotch Mist, Vieux Carre

· Other Lowballs:Americano, Banshee ,Nuts and Berries, Peppermint Patty, Sombrero, Toasted Almond


There are different kinds of martinis. We have the Gin martinis, Vodka martinis, Whiskey martinis, Brandy martinis, Tequila martinis and Other martinis


There are also the sour drinks(but not as sour as it sounds). We have margarita, between the sheets, boston cocktails, cable car, Daiquiri, jack rose, jalapeno margarita.


And also our favorite tropical drinks like hurricane, maitai, Navy Grog, Painkiller, Rum Runner, Sex on the beach, Planter’s puch, etc.


And Shots everyone loves shots. Taking shots is always fun when you take it with some really fun friends. You guys can have a competition and the beauty in shots is you can all take it at once so we have different kinds of shorts but we would just list a few.

· Tequila shots: sangrita,tequila slammer, prairie fire, tequila fuego,

· Vodka shots: mind eraser, purple hooter,woo woo, screaming orgasm etc.

· Whiskey shots: boilermaker,pickleback,red snapper, snae bite etc.

· Layered shots: Buttery Nipple, cemment mixer, jelly bean,Nutty Irishman,Russian Quaalude, Zipper,

· Other shots: peanut butter and jelly, liquid cocaine, redheaded slut, Tomahawk etc.



caipirinha,mojito,old-fashioned,whiskey smash,mint Julep etc.



Eggnog, Hot Toddy, Hot Buttered Rum, Tom and Jerry, wassail, Milk and Honey etc.


Café Barbados, Café Caribbean, French Connection Coffee,etc,


Adult Hot Chocolate, mad monk, sparkling wine cocktails like Aperol Spritz,Bellini,blac velvet,buck’s fizz,champanska,French 75, mimosa,

Bars are not only for the drinkers there are also opportunities for non- drinkers too. Non-alcoholic drinks are also served at the bar so it is not just about the drinks alone it is also about the socialization with friends, the music and also the company of your friends. Some available drinks for the non-drinkers at a bar the Arnold Palmer, Baby Bellini, Cinderella, Fresh Lemonade, Lime and Tonic, Lime Cola, Planter’s punch, Roy Rogers, Shirley Temple, Virgin Mary.

Going to a bar can be fun and it can also get boring. It is a two-way thing. You want to have fun? go with some freaky friends, you want to just be alone? then you could sit at the counter, order for some drinks and you also get the opportunity to meet some other people. Anyway it goes going to a bar is always worth the time.

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