Atlanta Dive Bars

Atlanta Dive Bars

Bradley’s dive bar has an atmosphere where people choose to spend a few sunset hours after work to wine down & have a few beverages. For the so called divers’, it’s a cool place to hang out with friends or a date and even if you’re by yourself, where you can leave your troubles behind with cheaper drinks, good food, and a clear absence of over-the-top pretentious crowd, in other words, its raw and as real as it gets.


For those who are familiar with Atlanta, it’s a place where the city comes to life after the sun sets, the city nightlife has so much to offer for every kind of patron, from extravagant clubs and lounges to cheaper yet fun places to hang out, and yes here we talk about Atlanta Dive Bars. Bradley’s bar provides unobtrusive fun with a familiar neighborhood feel. Regular clientele to new comers who wish to grab a little taste of Atlanta Dive Bars are welcome to come to Bradleys.


Reasons to Come To Our Dive Bar

– Cheap Drinks

– Smokers Bar

– Local neighborhood cuisine

– Friendly yet non-pretentious staff

– Fun games

– Good Food

– Local bands and performers

Bradley’s Dive Bar offers almost everything that a comfortable yet simple neighborhood bar or pub can offer. Last but not the least, no peer pressure to have a date or to be accompanied by a group of friends, our bars provides a space where you can enjoy even your own company. So, to all the loners & lovers, come to Bradley’s dive bar.